Gastric Band Hypnosis

This procedure was done over six sessions and cost £380 GBP (about $630), which was about the average price for this type of hypnosis.  The six sessions included:

  • The Interview
  • Pre-Op
  • Operation
  • Post-Op
  • Check Up
  • Final Check Up


The Interview Process

It was January and as well as just coming out of the holiday ‘eat all you can’ festive period I also had my best friend’s wedding in May and I had a ‘Maid of Honor’ dress to fit into.

Things were desperate but I was also fed up of going on another diet and suffering the long days of wanting to eat everything I could think of – and you do do a lot of ‘food’ thinking when you are on a diet! I knew about hypnosis for a way of losing weight but had never really considered it would work for me but my reluctance to force myself onto another diet regime won out and I decided to take the psychological route.

I first interviewed some reputable therapists over the telephone to see if I could get a ‘feel’ for them, I mean after all, I was going to put myself in a vulnerable, mind programming state with them so I was adamant to find somebody I could feel at ease with.

The first session was not actually the ‘operation’ but a relaxation period where I suppose you both find out whether your sub-conscious is open to being ‘spoken’ to on such a deep level.

Heart Pouring

We spoke for a while first and she asked me a myriad of personal questions about my life-style, eating habits, problems and anxieties and then what my expectations or hopes were on a successful outcome.  There were a few tears and some things I wasn’t expecting to pour out and afterwards she explained that this information would help her in talking to my sub-conscious.

She then prepared me for my first hypnosis and informed me that this would be a time when she would ‘tell’ my sub-conscious what was expected of it and to make a start at beginning to change my eating habits…starting with my nightly ritual of chocolate that I always enjoyed with a hot drink before bedtime.

The Hypnosis

Now, if you’ve never had hypnosis before and have only ever seen it performed on stage or TV then don’t be surprised if you remember everything about it and this was something that worried me because I felt that if I could hear her telling me to give up certain foods I would rebel and of course eat them even more.

But in that session and sessions afterward I have never actually remembered everything she has said.  I remember a lot, like counting down and hearing the words ‘deeper’ repeated over and over which I always thought sounded silly, and I remember hearing her ‘tell’ me I didn’t need the evening chocolate any longer.

The next time I saw her was about six days later and she asked me about the chocolate…I remember looking at her blankly before the sudden realisation that I had not even given it a second thought since I had seen her last.

I know that sounds incredible to believe and even writing it now I am still in awe of how that happened but I had truly and honestly stopped eating chocolate.  I still had my hot drink but for some reason had not bothered to reach for the chocolate, it was like I had just accepted that I didn’t have it anymore.  Like I say, astonishingly weird!

But this was also encouraging and the best advertisement I needed that not only did hypnosis work but it had worked on me.

Pre-Op (coming soon)