How to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

When you start a diet or a new health regime your motivation is at its highest and you are ready to take on the world!

Motivation and Determination


Monday morning sees you fired up with a healthy breakfast and maybe even some sit-ups. You remember all of those weight loss tips like parking further away from work/mall or getting off the bus a couple of stops before. Yes you feel great and can see yourself in that size zero bikini for your summer holidays.

So, what happens? Where does all that motivation and determination to succeed go? And why do we have so many Monday mornings and first weeks if we are so geared up?


The answer is of course…motivation – or willpower, determination, whatever you want to call it.  But why don’t we take it more seriously? When we start on a new diet we usually plan so much around what to eat and how many calories a chocolate bar has or how much a portion of pasta really looks like that we don’t concentrate and plan the most important part of our weight loss efforts: researching our own motivation triggers and killers.

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The problem with most ventures to lose weight is the time we perceive it will take. Take for example, a person who would like to lose three stone (42lb) and work out how long that would realistically and healthily take.

The recommended weight loss is 1-2lb per week so
42 / 1.5 = 28
Losing at a rate of 1.5lb per week means it will take 28 weeks, about 7 months to lose three stone.

Now seven months is not such a long time (yeah right), but even if you’re ok with that, unfortunately life isn’t and it will throw a dozen or more curve balls at you!

Parties, holidays, stress, boredom, cream cakes… you get the drift… these obstacles don’t go on a diet too and kindly avoid you for the next seven months. The 1.5lb weeks will have gains and STS (stay the same) printed in black and white on your card that you have to take home with you as a constant reminder that you failed this week…!!! …Anyway…

What I’m trying to say is, what you calculate it will take you to lose weight, will inevitably be a lot longer and we need to realise that our motivation will not stick around for that long. But there are ways to keep reeling it in…

Before you embark on your next health regime or even if you’re starting The Venus Factor, the first thing to put in your armoury is a range of motivation boosting tactics and have them near at hand. Get to know the signs that your enthusiasm is not as high as it once was, but more importantly recognise YOUR signs because more often than not we don’t realise that our motivation is faltering until it is too late.

Think of it this way we have a wealth of dietary programs and products at our fingertips but it’s not always them that lets us down but our own psychological pathways.


I want to investigate all of the areas that can help maintain some level of motivation, more so for myself, because these days mine seems to be waivering a lot earlier than it used to!

This is my first motivation trick.