Take Charge In Losing Weight

Seems like such an obvious thing to do but sometimes taking on the task of dieting is taken too lightly and is brushed off as something we will ‘get back’ into doing on Monday or after the holidays.

If we are going to have any amount of true success then we must take it seriously and prepare to make a few changes.

Unfortunately, making changes to our lifestyle doesn’t always fit and when it becomes a struggle, the changes begin to waiver and our old habits become too overwhelming for us to ignore.

The following changes are a good way to prepare your day-to-day living but they come with obstacles that can hinder good intentions and without the right mind-set in place, failure is inevitable.


Cupboard Clearance
Going through kitchen cupboards like a whirlwind, eliminating all the ‘bad’ foods and removing any temptation is all well and good if you live alone or don’t have active kids and a husband who is not in any rush to sacrifice his own treats! And even if you manage to remove as much temptation as possible, when your resolve is low, nothing is safe and hubby ends up without any treats after all!


Daily Meal Sheet

Making a weekly plan of low calorie meals is great but it is not always realistic for a family of four.  I have a teenager who wouldn’t lower herself to eat what we do, a five year old who refuses to believe there is anything other than noodles and a hubby who likes his carbs! It is a perfect day in our household if I manage to serve everybody the same meal and adding too many low calorie offerings into the mix is only asking for trouble and a fight that doesn’t hold up through the weaker days!

Investing in Smaller Dishes

Out with the old, in with the new…plates that is! Eating from smaller dishes makes a huge difference to your weight loss efforts and the old ‘saucer’ size plates should be removed from the house entirely. But of course they don’t and even if they are not in easy reach, a low point will find a way for us to eat more. I have even been known to cook extra onion rings to nibble from the pan because they don’t fit on my plate – and I still grant myself praise that my final portion was on a smaller dish – go figure!!!


Exercise Calendar

It can be as dramatic as doing gym sessions five times a week or just to walk a bit further each day, unless you work on your focus first, planning regular activities is as useful as using last year’s calendar to write them in.  Even the determination to walk the stairs at work soon loses its shine and there are suddenly a hundred and one excuses as to why you haven’t walked the dog!

Pair of Fitness Trainers

I could go on…

Before we even think about making some changes, either by following the Venus Factor or any other system, we need to take charge of what is inside mentally.  We have to get our brain into gear and convince our subconscious that we mean business.

Once you have that mastered, you can better handle your own realistic situations and bat the curve balls right out of the park!!

One of the first things recommended to do is to regularly visualise a perfect you.

And this means creating a scene with every part thought out in minute detail and written down so you can remember everything when you come to imagine it. Take some quiet time either before you go to sleep or on quiet afternoons to create the scenes in your mind.

So for example you could be on the beach, in a stunning bikini, your skin a lovely golden colour and your shape toned and slim. The sun is hot and you are laughing, enjoying the lightness of your body and the way it thanks you for working so hard and achieving the body you have always wanted. You are happy and can feel that happiness spread through your veins.

Shore Front

Set the scene…

Or you could be on the same beach but it is evening and you are wearing the most beautiful, figure hugging dress you have ever seen yourself in and it shows your new figure off perfectly. You’ve got butterflies in your stomach because you are with the one you love and they are admiring who you are and what you look like. Imagine everything and hear the water splashing through your toes as you walk along the shore.

Whatever situation you would like to see yourself in and with whom, write it all down or type it out in Word or some other editing program. Include all of the minute details, what jewellery you are wearing, what music you can hear in the background.

Start to live those images in your mind when you go to bed and create a story of yourself, always remembering to concentrate on the way you look and how happy that vision makes you feel.

This is the first part of your plan and you taking charge of your weight loss success.