My Battle With Weight

Hi, my name is Loretta Raine and welcome to this site which is based on the The VF; the new dietary and exercise program dedicated to women.

I have been involved with diets for most of my life, in fact I started when I was 14, some 20 (or so) years ago 😉 and I’ve seen and done a lot of diet fads during that time.  I should be a size 0 by now but alas that ‘perfect figure’ within is still content in hiding deep inside!

But there is one thing that I have learnt and if you get nothing else from this site I hope you take this with you: if you do something you don’t like doing you will eventually stop doing it.

That might seem pretty obvious but how many times have you been faced with that Monday morning again, ready to start that diet again?  Determined that this time you will succeed and lose weight… all of it!

The problem is that no matter how much weight you have to lose, it will not be a quick fix and this ‘new start’ to your diet will have to be sustained in order for you to see any real results.  And unfortunately ‘sustained’ means longer than a week or two (or a month or two if you get that far).

This is the same with exercising… sorry I didn’t mean to swear!  Somewhere along the line you have to accept that losing weight goes hand-in-hand with exercising.  I hate exercising because I find it unbelievably BORING and could never get used to cycling on an exercise bike and still seeing the same scenery!!

But losing weight does not have to mean trying to survive on rice cakes and lettuce or sweating it out in a gym five days a week and it also doesn’t mean ‘binging’ on a ton of your favourite foods ready for Monday morning!

I have come to realise now that if I’m ever going to win this battle I need to be ‘happy’ at doing it.  And as tempting as these ‘lose 10 inches in a week’ programs are I know I won’t be able to stick to their strict regime for the length of time I need so I will give up, feel like a failure and binge!

Most of us don’t really look beyond what happens when we have lost the weight and are finally living like a thin person but have you considered what your eating habits will be?  I mean when you start a diet you psychologically think that you’re just going through this for a short period of time and once you’re a size 6 you can…what?

For me to live permanently I knew I had to do things differently and although it would take that bit longer to see any significant results, it also meant that I could still look forward to each day without missing the feeling of looking forward to eating.

This is why I was first attracted to The VF because it offered something in addition to what I could do on my own and it was something that could be incorporated into my diet without me having to ‘suffer’, something that was specific to women only…



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