Weight Loss Plateau

Diets that are produced merely to provide you with an instant weight loss are great for the initial few weeks but then the results begin to slow down and more often than not you end up only maintaining the weight you have lost or even worse – start to put it back on again.

weight loss plateau

Low Calorie Diets Lead to Plateaus

These types of diets create what is called the weight loss plateau. This basically means that your body hits a barrier where, instead of the scales going down, they stay at a particular number, hovering one or two pounds either side. To get the momentum going again, a complete overhaul needs to take place with a change in your diet or exercise regime.

Most find that doing the same exercises with the same number of repetitions or resistance can result in this weight loss plateau, or the same diet been eaten over a certain amount of time. After those first few successful weeks, your body may become accustomed to your change in dietary and fitness habits and stop giving you the results you expect.

So how do you avoid the weight loss plateau and start seeing consistent and positive results in your battle of the bulge? Here are some tips to counter-attack these plateaus:

Stay away from starvation diets: Any diet plan which advises you to dramatically reduce your calorie consumption is a sure-fire way of failing. If your calorie intake suddenly drops low, your body has no reason to increase its metabolic rate as there are many calories flowing through your body, your metabolic rate will remain at a low level. Whenever your metabolic rate is low, it is difficult for your body to burn fat!

Increase Meals: The trick is to get the right balance of keeping your metabolic rate at a high enough level to successfully burn fat and shed the weight. A terrific way of increasing your metabolism is by not starving yourself and to eat more often. This means having more meals throughout the day; about five or six, which is something we are not brought up to do. But by doing this instead of two or three times a day, your body will digest more throughout the day which will raise its metabolic rate. And this also has an impact on getting used to having smaller size portions.

Move More: Chances are that most people are not doing the amount of exercise that is needed to burn off the calories that they are eating, which has a negative effect on their weight loss endeavours. And if you have been starving yourself with these diets that promote heavily reduced calories then you will need to ramp up your fitness levels even more when increasing your calorie intake and not starving yourself.  So you need to burn off the weight by exercising more. A great way to do this is by high intensity training or HIT as it is now called. HIT is basically breaking your exercise routines up into shorter, high level intensity workouts. So for example working out on an exercise bike for 15 minutes with short ‘going for it’ cycling for 30-60 seconds at regular intervals. This has been proven to work just as good as working out for an hour at a time.

So, incorporate these into your daily lives and say goodbye to your weight loss plateaus and hello to gorgeous new bodies that you strive to achieve and deserve to have.