What is this New Program for Women?

You’ve most probably seen the adverts, and maybe even heard the hype, but what is this new weight loss program that is taking the diet world by storm?

First, check out the interview with John Barban; the founder of the Venus Factor:



The Facts

This new system is for women only and is a highly effective, all round exercise and dietary program devised by John Barban; a world class expert in nutrition, physiology and biology.

It comprises of a 12-week course with an accompanying PDF, workout and professional coaching videos, a virtual nutritionist and lots of tips and information dedicated to the way the female body loses weight in a targeted and healthy way. For a limited period there is an added bonus of joining its incredibly popular online community of like-minded women all experiencing this system.

John Barban

So, who is John Barban and why should we trust his new program?

John Barban holds a masters degree from the University of Guelph in Human Biology and Nutrition; he then continued his studies with the University of Florida and taught in the department of Health and Human Performance. Along with being a best selling author of more than one diet and fitness program, he has a range of experience in the health ad sports supplement industry. The last ten years he has been researching and developing programs that focus on nutrition and exercise to achieve weight loss and the maintenance of weight.

Check out the presentation here and begin your own journey with The Venus Factor.